Despite Zoom Services, 82-Year-old Dresses Like it’s ‘Easter Sunday’ Every Week for Church

Since the pandemic began, churchgoers have mostly been joining virtual Sunday services via Zoom and Facebook Live. Naturally, many have staying in their pajamas or comfy workout clothes to watch. La Verne Ford Wimberly, however, has not been one of those people.

82-year-old Wimberly has been joining her fellow parishioners at Tulsa’s Metropolitan Baptist Church in Oklahoma in the most glamorous—and colorful—outfits.

Since last spring, the retired teacher has also been posting delightful selfies of her stylish looks on Facebook after each service.

“She never skips a beat with the hats, the clothes and all that beautiful jewelry,” said Robin Watkins, the church’s executive office assistant, to the Washington Post.

Wimberly explained her desire to dress well to the newspaper: “In the 20 years I’ve been going to church there, I’ve always had my little routine that I learned from my mother as a girl… I’d pick out a nice outfit and hat and lay it out the night before, so that I could be prepared and look presentable.”

Being prepared, having routines—they can both be a way to root ourselves into small joys.