Lawn Service and Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Lawn Free of Weeds

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It’s no secret that a beautiful lawn can make your home the envy of Fort Lauderdale. After all, lush grass and vibrant flowers really increase the appeal of any home. Sadly, this can all come crashing down thanks to the presence of an unwanted guest: weeds.

Many homeowners struggle with weeds invading their lawns. However, there are several steps you can take to help keep your lawn free of weeds. All it takes is a little time and dedication. With that in mind, here are a few lawn service and maintenance tips to help you keep weeds at bay:

Close-up of Lawn Service Crew Pulling Out Weeds from a Client’s Garden

Keep Grass Thick and Healthy

No, we aren’t talking about creating an “overgrown” look. Maintain grass to grow close together to help prevent weed seeds from reaching the soil. Additionally, keeping your grass thick and healthy makes it difficult for weed seeds to find enough space and get enough sunlight to germinate. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to apply fertilizers as directed on the packaging. This provides your grass with the nutrients it needs to thrive, but does not leave any leftovers for weeds to feast on.

Water Grass Deep

How often do you water your lawn? According to lawn care experts, it’s best to water your lawn deep rather than often. Research shows that shallow and frequent watering encourages grass to keep their roots short, leaving space for weed roots to grow and spread throughout your lawn. A deep soak, on the other hand, can help crowd out the space underneath the ground, discouraging weeds to grow.

Do Not Scalp Your Lawn

When it’s time to mow the lawn, make sure you aren’t trimming your grass too short. Scalping your lawn makes it easier for weed seeds to reach the soil and receive enough sunlight. Similarly, grass that is cut too short tends to not get enough nutrients. Ideally, you’ll want to set your mower to leave 2-4 inches of grass after you pass through.

Get the Ground Wet When Weeding

There will come a time when you’ll need to get your hands dirty and remove weeds from your lawn with your own two hands. In this scenario, you’ll want to get your soil wet to make it easier for you to pull out the weeds. Not only does this make the entire process go smoother, but it also helps make sure you are able to pull out the entire weed. After all, leaving even a small piece behind allows the weed to regrow.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to devote to their lawns and gardens to accomplish all of the tips mentioned above on a regular basis. In such cases, you may want to work with a lawn service company, such as Monster Lawn, that serves your neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale. This way, you have more time to accomplish other important tasks while enjoying the beauty of a weed-free lawn.

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