Maintenance Recommendations Your Lawn Service Provider Will Urge You to Follow

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Lawn care is a necessity if you want to keep your yard looking neat and fresh. Americans spent more than $40 billion on lawn care in 2013. It seems quite a lot, but can significantly cut down expenses on gardening if they know how to properly take care of your lawn.

Knowledge is important in maintaining your lawn. If you want to be more efficient with lawn care, keep the following in mind:

Important Factors in Doing Regular Lawn Service for a Healthy Yard

Turf Types

One way to maintain a healthy lawn is to learn different types of turf and their characteristics. The type of grass you use in your lawn should depend on the climate in your area. For instance, grasses that thrive in cooler environments are perfect for shady areas while warm season grasses are better for places that are more exposed to the sun.

Depending on the type of turf you use, you can then determine the proper mowing option to use in order to keep it healthy and alive. This would help avoid grass diseases such as fungi and brown patch, which is caused by over watering, excessive heat, and improper mowing height.


To bag or not to bag clippings? That’s a question that many homeowners ask themselves. Experts believe that it’s not necessary to bag clippings as long as there’s a proper mowing schedule and height. In fact, letting the clippings decay naturally will provide more nutrients to the soil.


With the variety of mowing options out there, it’s important for homeowners to figure out the best way to work on their lawn. Time and cost are factors one must consider in terms of mowing. For instance, a battery-operated mower, which is also called as “air mowers” is recommended for compact lawns with its convenience and capacity to run for up an hour on a single charge.

Riding mowers, on the other hand, are used to take care of larger areas. This equipment can cover more than ¾ acres of land.


Fertilizing your lawn could depend on the season. The best time is usually late winter and early spring, which are just in time for the growing season of prime grass.

It’s best to get professional lawn service in Miami than to do it yourself, especially if you don’t have the time for it. However, even if you’re letting the experts do the job, you still have to learn and keep these considerations in mind. That way, you can monitor and ensure that your lawn is always in good condition.

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