Designing a New Garden? Follow These Expert Tips from a Landscaping Company

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A beautiful yard will not only bring positive changes for the house, but for the homeowner as well. Well-kept gardens act as an instant mood booster, as it can create a feeling of serenity and peacefulness. It can even add 15% to your home’s value.

However, creating a paradise-like garden can be difficult and taxing if you don’t know what you are doing. So here are some tips compiled by an expert landscaping company to help you design your new garden, minus the stress.

Make It a View to Remember

Many people build gardens because they love looking at a lush stretch of greenery. However, many also forget who they want that view to serve. Is it for themselves, for others, or both? When you’re designing a new garden, make sure that it looks heavenly from outside as well as inside your house.

Beautiful Gardens Made Possible With Help from a Landscaping Company.

Be Smart, Not Overzealous

Everyone wants their garden to be filled with the most beautiful flowers and plants, but some would spare little thought on its maintenance. Your garden might be brimming with life today, but it might soon turn into a space filled with dead plants and weeds. Instead, try planting in a corner first and grow it from there. This way, you can measure your level of comfort in maintaining the garden as you plan on the flowers that could work best with your masterpiece.

Use Complementary Colors

Always refer to the color wheel as you begin filling your garden with different types of flowers. Some colors can really bring each other out and work in harmony, as opposed to a blast of multiple colors that ultimately looks like a train wreck. Colors like white and pink go well together, especially if you’re looking for a pastel-themed garden. If you want a vivid, vibrant garden, reds and blues are the pair to plant.

Buy More than One Seedling

Once you find the flower that you like, always buy more than one seedling. It’s okay to buy one if you’re still testing your gardening ability or if this particular flower will go with your garden’s overall theme. But once you’re sure, buy more. Plant them in several clusters to make your garden look whole and united.

Don’t Forget to Water

You would be surprised how often this happens. Ideally, you should give your lawn one inch of water once a week. The frequency also depends on the type of soil you used and the weather. If it’s been a hot week, you might want to change the watering time to once every five days. A great watering regime will encourage plants to go deeper in search of groundwater and therefore create a stronger plants.


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