Foolproof Ways a Lawn Service can Enhance Your Commercial Business

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Part of portraying a professional image for your business involves keeping your property well maintained. This can be challenging, though, when you have to worry about the day-to-day operations as well.  The task will seem lighter if you hire a professional landscaping company, who can enhance your property in many ways. Here are some of them.

Weed Control

The biggest eyesores that develop on your commercial property are weeds. They can adapt to new environments, spread without warning, produce an abundance of seeds, and grow in many areas occupied by humans. It’s no wonder why people want them gone. The only easy way to control them is if you let a landscaping company manage weed growth.

Why You Should Let a Lawn Service Transform Your Commercial Property

First your site is assessed to determine what types of weeds are growing, whether they are annual, biennial, or perennial. Then a weed control tactic is devised, which may include hand-weeding, mowing, hot water treatments, and chemical control as a last resort. One of these methods may be used or multiple methods in conjunction with each other, depending on how severe your weed problem is. They’ll come back to the site weeks later to make sure their methods were effective.

Sod Installation

If your company is looking for a completely new landscape that presents a beautiful and professional image, sod installation might be for you. Sod, also known as turf grass, is grass that has already been planted. It’s sold in sections and held together by roots and other materials. It’s often used on golf courses because of how lush and even it grows.

There are many reasons why you might consider sod when enhancing your property’s landscape. For one, you’ll have an elegant lawn much quicker than if you were to use grass seed. The germination for grass seed tends to take around seven to ten days, depending on the seed variety. As a business, you may not have this time to sit around while the seeds germinate.

Since sod is fully mature the day it’s installed on your commercial property, it immediately controls erosion. It can be used on slopes so that they can help improve soil stability. They also help filter dirt and dust from the area and prevent mud from developing over time. That means squeaky clean shoes for your customers.

If you are thinking about enhancing your commercial property, rest assured that a lawn service can bring your garden design ideas to life. They’ll create a beautiful green spaces in your property, and design it to last for years.


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